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I have a lot of great links and resources for the following topics:

  • Links to events and clubs in the Kansas City Metro Area
  • Links to local news and information in the KC Metro
  • Links to Domestic Violence Resources in the KC Metro
  • Links to Volunteer Opportunities and Resources in the KC Metro
  • Links to Resources for Non-Profit Agencies in the KC Metro
  • Links to Education Resources in the KC Metro
  • Links to IT Resources for Small Business Administrators
  • Links to a miscellany of Fun and Odd sites I have found. Links for kids, self-improvement, IT Shops, geeks, Kansas City, and more.
  • The buttons above appear on every page to guide you to separate areas of my web. The areas are:
    1. Home - The links at the left provide a little information about my personal and professional life.

    2. Education - Links to all sorts of knowledge bases and tutorials on the web. I love to learn new things, and the WWW is full of educations sources.

    3. Volunteer - Links to KC Metro volunteer opportunities and non-profit resources. Contact me if you would like guidance about being a volunteer in the KC Metro.

    4. Software Development and Project Management - Under development but links and articles to great Software Development and Project Management sites.

    5. KC Events - Links to events in the KC Metro including shows, sporting events, social gatherings, local news, radio stations, and many other clubs.

    If you were looking for a different Rob Kraft, try one of these links.

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