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Specific Celebrity Sites
  • Batman Beyond

  • Bob the Builder

  • Care Bears

  • Clifford the Big Red Dog

  • Dragonball Z

  • Hello Kitty

  • Justice League

  • Legos

  • Pokemon

  • SpongeBob SquarePants

  • More SpongeBob

  • Thomas the Tank Engine

  • Spy Kids

  • The Wiggles

  • Winnie the Pooh

  • Winnie the Pooh

  • Map of Pooh's world

  • Poohsonality test and more

  • PoohFriends

  • Before letting your kids watch that movie:
  • www.kids-in-mind.com

  • Kids Portal Sites
  • Cartoon Network

  • Disney Site

  • Warner Bros for kids

  • PBSKids.org

  • www.kidsfarm.com

  • www.yahooligans.com
  • Great stuff for kids
  • www.msn.staysafeonline.com

  • www.kidsdomain.com
  • Lots of games and more
  • www.noggin.com
  • Games and activities - great for 2 to 4 year olds!
    Games for Kids
  • www.pbskids.org/games.html
  • Kids games online
  • www.jumbo.com/games
  • Download lots of games - maybe for kids
  • www.puzz.com
  • Lots of puzzles, IQ Tests, etc.
  • www.familypcfun.com
  • Family Portal Site
    Self Education for Kids
  • www.kidshealth.org
  • Fun site for kids to learn about their health
  • www.starfall.com
  • Learn to read here!
  • www.puzz.com
  • Ask Jeeves for kids
  • www.nickjr.com
  • Nickelodean Jr. site for kids (Blues Clues, Bod the Builder, Dora the Explorer and more)
  • www.50states.com
  • Info about the 50 states of America
  • About the Planets
  • Info about the planets
  • The White House for Kids
  • The White House for Kids
  • www.aplusmath.com
  • Help kids learn math
  • Online education for schools

  • Education for Parents
  • www.abcteach.com
  • Education stuff for kids
  • Blues Clues for Parents

  • www.teach-nology.com
  • Education stuff for kids
  • www.theideabox.com
  • Activity ideas for kids
  • www.schoolexpress.com
  • Education stuff for kids
  • www.edhelper.com
  • Education stuff for kids
  • www.puzzlemaker.com
  • For Teachers, parents, and kids
  • www.flashcardexchange.com
  • Flashcards
    Kids sites in Kansas City
  • KC Kids Guide

  • www.kidmuzm.org
  • Kids Museum in KC
  • www.wonderscope.org
  • Children's Museum in Shawnee, KS
  • Kansas City Star extensive guide to summer camps

  • Rob Kraft's Metro event pages

  • Paradise Park
  • in Lee's Summit
    Internet Safety for Parents
  • www.netsafekids.org
  • Site for parents about safe Internet usage
    Education materials
  • www.harcourtschool.com
  • Publisher of kids learning resources

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