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Resources for Dungeon Masters
Dungeons and Dragons
  • D&D Game Rules Archive
  • at WOTC
  • RPGShop.com
  • Seller of RPG Games
  • WOTC D&D
  • Official D&D Publisher Site
  • Tavernmaker.de
  • Free tool for making taverns
  • DnDResources.com
  • Great Portal site for Dungeon Masters
  • Dragon magazine publisher paizo.com

  • GenCon.com
  • Huge Gaming Convention
  • RPGGateway.com
  • Great Portal site for RPG
  • D&D E-tools
  • The best and official tool for tracking your D&D 3.5 characters
  • Community 3E
  • Great D&D 3 and 3.5 Portal site
  • Holdfast.org
  • Archive of D&D Stuff you can download
  • Knowledge Arcana archives from WOTC

  • IMarvinTPA D&D Spell indexes
  • Excellent Spell Indexes
  • Cloud Kingdom
  • Company has free riddles and sells riddles that DM's may find useful.
  • D&D Spell Index at WOTC

  • Paizo.com
  • Publisher of Dragon and Dungeon Magazines
  • MapMage.com
  • Free tool for drawing Inns and other tools
  • www.daz3d.com
  • Lots of D&D 3rd resources and free tools
  • www.ProFantasy.com
  • RPG Maps and Tools
  • TwilightCards.com
  • Seller of D&D Minis and other cards
  • NetBook of Humanoids
  • Text based file - lots of info
  • Wizard Universe
  • Sells products
  • DragonCon.Org
  • Annual Convention of Arts and Games
  • D&D Games at FRPGames

  • Fantasy Flight Games
  • Sells lots of RPG Games and related materials
  • Page lists thousands of Adventure Plots

  • Mongoose Publishing
  • Publisher of D20 Stuff
  • RPGNow.com
  • Seller of RPG ProductsQ
  • RPG Resources at DrivethruStuff
  • Site sells lots of RPG stuff
  • Andy's RPG Page

  • ENWorld.org - RPG News links and tools

  • Wizards Of the Coast
  • D&D Dice Roller
  • OpenSource PCGen Tool

  • FreeDownloadsCenter - search for sketch tools

  • OpenSource D&D XML Tools

  • 3rdEdition.org

  • Visual Basic Source code for RolePlaying Game Programming

  • George R.R. Martin
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy World
  • Massive site with current info about all your favorites Fantasy and SciFi
  • George R.R. Martin's Site
  • Author of one of the best Fantasy Fiction series - A Song of Fire and Ice
  • www.TowerOfTheHand.com
  • George R.R. Martin extensive Reference Site
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy World
  • George R.R. Martin on SFFWorld
  • A Game of Thrones CCG Tournament Site

  • Geocities Misuly
  • Art and more from A Game of Thrones Card Game
  • Official web site of Wheel of Time

  • Helpful site for Wheel of Time

  • Official web site of Shannara

  • Pictures and Art Resources
  • Offworld Designs
  • Sells art
  • www.TheOneRing.net

  • www.xenite.org

  • www.LordOfTheRingsMovie.com

  • www.RingZone.net

  • www.Imladris.net

  • Lord of the Rings Fanatics Network

  • www.LordOfTheRings.net

  • Pictures and Art Resources
  • Excellent Fantasy Art library
  • Site with a lot of good fantasy images and artwork.
  • Keith Parkinson
  • Site of one of the best Fantasy Fiction artists
  • GuildWars
  • You may find good art for D&D
  • SableDrake

  • Greg Horn Judge

  • Maverick Arts (Art of Monte Moore)

  • Ruth Thompson Art

  • wow-art.com

  • Imagenetion.com

  • DreamweaverStudios.net

  • Jormungand - library of Luis Royo Art

  • Warcraft Role Playing Game
  • This site can provide a DM pictures for use in D&D.
    Dune - Herbert
  • Dune Novels
  • There are some novels of Dune online here.
  • Official web site of Star Trek

  • Ultimate Star Trek web site

  • Official web site of Star Wars

  • Misc
  • CastlesOnTheWeb

  • HeartOfGlory.com

  • Dupont Castle

  • NobleCollection.com

  • Medieval Weapons

  • ByTheSword.com

  • RenStore.com

  • www.AncientSites.com

  • KnightsRealms.com

  • Comics
  • x-worldcomics - store
  • Seller of new and old comics - lots of images
  • Avalon Comics
  • Major Publisher of Comic Books
  • Site of Artist Joseph Michael Lisner
  • Talented Comic book artist. Noted for drawing beautiful women.
  • MarvelRPG.net
  • Marvel Comics Role Playing Game
  • Comics Price Guide
  • See pictures of covers and get prices of comics
  • Comic Book Resources
  • Great Portal Site to all comics and links
  • PlanetComicon
  • Annual Comic Convention in KC Metro
  • Valiant Comics
  • Major Publisher of Comic Books
  • Comics Grading
  • A web page explaining how to grade comics
  • My Comic Shop.com
  • Site to bull comics - lots of cover photos
  • OnlineComics.net

  • ComicsUSA.com

  • ComicsEtc.com

  • Kansas City ComicCon
  • Comic Festival held in Kansas City
  • Huge list of Trading Cards, comics, and more

  • D&D Online Vault at IGN

  • Games
  • Halflife 2

  • Breminor

  • Guildwars

  • 1Up.com
  • Excellent Portal Site for RPG and Strategy games
  • Stormreach RPG

  • Ultima Online

  • Play Anarchy Online for free

  • RPG Classics
  • Massive site with info about RolePlaying Computer Games
  • GameGenie - Cheats for games

  • AgeOfMythology
  • Official site of Microsoft's Age of Mythology game
  • Age of Empires III
  • Official site of Microsoft's Age of Empires III game. AWESOME GRAPHICS!!!
  • EtherLords

  • Sorren

  • Fantaseum.com

  • Gladius
  • Strategy Game
  • D&D Online RPG
  • StormReach
    KC Metro RPG
  • Rob's D&D Group

  • The Battle Zone store in KC Metro

  • Knights and Knaves
  • Kansas City RPG club
    RPG in your area
  • Meetup.com
  • Meet other RPG players in your area

    If you have a site for me to add, send an e-mail from my submit page.