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Our rush to production world has produced an enormous infrastructure of poor quality software. The saddest aspect of this is that investing in quality software would produce much better software, and it would be produced faster. By implementing good processes and quality at the beginning of software development, much less time would be spent in testing, correcting, and patching software; and much more code that is written would be re-usable. However, for a variety of reasons, most programmers jump straight to the coding phase of software development without adequate processes, requirements and design.
(I will right an essay explaining many reasons for this)
I want to help the world right better software. I volunteer my time helping individuals and businesses make improvements. I have some white papers and tools on this site that can assist your development efforts. I provide a lot of links to other resources on the Internet that will help. Finally, I am available to work with your company for a fee or in some cases for free to help analyze the current state of your development efforts and opportunities for improvement.

Free software is available at
www.simplesql.net to easily back up SQL Servers.