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There, but for the grace of God, go I.

My life would not be characterized as a great success; however, I do consider myself fortunate thatI have suffered no great setbacks. I was not raised in poverty, I have not had health problems or metwith any debilitating accidents, I have not suffered abuse from my family or violence from others.I recognize that many others are less lucky than I, and I believe the fortunate should help the lessfortunate, for we that have more do not have more because we are "better" or "smarter" than others; we have moresimply because of luck.
I put serious thought into selecting a cause dear to me, and I discovered that Domestic Violence (DV) is it. Very few causes are so tragic as this. Hunger and poverty are difficult to overcome due to economic conditions. Disease and handicaps are brought about by genetics and environment. But DV is a social problem - one that can be dealt with through education alone. The impact of DV on our society is staggering. We all felt the impact of September 11,2001 on our economy recently; but what we do not think about is that Domestic Violence has a larger and more negative impact on our economy EVERY DAY! Lives are lost (most women are killed by someone they are intimate with), hearts and minds are crushed and repressed (leading to loss of productivity and growth), and children are damaged (leading to lifetimes of struggle).
I believe eliminating DV can do more good for our economy than any other action we, as a society, can take. It will do more than feeding the hungry, finding world peace, stopping world terrorism, or eliminating poverty.

Domestic violence shelters do not "take care of women and children". We, at the shelter, realize that every person must find how to make it in this world on their own. And we believe that every person HAS the ability to make it on their own, except for some that are mentally or physically handicapped. We also recognize that life deals good fortune to some and mis-fortune to others. It is our role, at the shelter, to protect the women and children from the continuing misfortune they have experienced. In doing so, they will find the strength to stand on their own, set their own path in life, and achieve the happiness they deserve. The shelters simply remove the mis-fortunes the women have been experiencing thereby allowing them to find their own strength and path in life.