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Human Behavior
Capitalism vs Communism

I believe that Americans are getting by with less thinking every year. We are becoming busier and we don't have time to think about everything and form an opinion. So when asked our opinion on a topic we don't know about, we rely upon the opinion of someone else that we trust. Unfortunately, while this trusted person may be an expert in some areas, he or she is not an expert in all areas. For example, I may trust my dad so I ask his opinion about communism. He will probably give me his opinion even though he doesn't really understand the issue well. I would get a more useful understanding of the issues if I found information on both sides of the issue.

The goal of this site is to present information from both sides of the opinion in a positive light. If you think the "other" side of an important issue is totally 100% wrong, then you probably don't understand the issue very well.
Please don't stop your thinking and analyzing with this site. I will provide links to other sites and I encourage you to research the "truth" for yourself.

It is important that you do some thinking for yourself. Don't let politicians, big business, or religious leaders do it for you. Do your own research to find the truth.

Making yourself think is good for your mind, just like exercise is good for your body. The less we use our minds for thinking, the weaker our minds will become.

Insight for 2005:
Why do the Iraqi people not love the Americans?
Would you love the rattlesnake that bites the lion that is attacking you?
Though the rattlesnake saved you from the lion, it is a dangerous creature itself. You are happy the rattlesnake came along and acted as it did, but you would now like the rattlesnake to leave you alone. After all, the rattlesnake did not bite the lion to save you from the lion, the rattlesnake had its own reasons for biting the lion.