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Fantasy Fiction
  • www.georgerrmartin.com - No RPG here. The site of the author of 'The Song of Fire and Ice'.
  • www.shannara.com - Excellent series
    The best books to NOT buy! These series are great, but may never end. The publishers quest for money is extending these series. I suggest checking back in 2008 to see if the series is complete.

  • Wheel of Time - Official Site.
  • WheelofTime.Org - Helpful Site.
  • www.georgerrmartin.com - No RPG here. The site of the author of 'The Song of Fire and Ice'.
  • Science Fiction
  • www.StarWars.com
  • www.StarTrek.com
  • www.stwww.com - the ultimate Star Trek directory
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • My gang
  • www.enteract.com/~aardy/rpg/index.html
  • www.community3e.com - 3RD Ed. D&D
  • www.enworld.org/generators/archive.html - Generate stats, maps, monsters, npcs, etc
  • dndxml.sourceforge.net - char.xsl and .xml
  • pcgen.sourceforge.net - Open source PC Generator
  • D&D Plots
  • Good Video Example of D&D Play!
  • www.fantaseum.com
  • www.rookscape.com/vbgaming/vbrpgtut/vbrpgtut.php - VB and D&D
  • Gen Con
  • Art of Monte Michael Moore - Babes, Monsters, SciFi
  • www.dreamweaverstudios.net - More art - good dragons
  • www.imagenetion.com - The first stop in art links
  • Ruth Thompson art - Dragons and babes
  • Wow-Art.com - Order art from online site.
  • Medieval Weapons - Lots of actual weapons - LOTR, and etc..
  • ByTheSwordInc.Com - Weapons seller.
  • WWW.RenStore.Com - Buy ALL things Renaissance.
  • www.knightrealms.com - Live Action Role Playing (LARP)s.
  • KansasCityGamers at InvisionZone - Forums.
  • Tolkien
  • www.theonering.net
  • www.ringzone.net
  • www.imladris.net
  • www.xenite.org
  • www.lordoftheringsmovie.com
  • www.thelordoftherings.net
  • Quintessential
  • www.lordotrings.com
  • www.csclub.uwaterloo.ca - Good Tolkien link
  • www.noblecollection.com - Site sells quality LOTR stuff
  • Comic Books
  • www.comicsusa.com
  • www.onlinecomics.net
  • www.comicsetc.com
  • kansascitycomicon.com
  • Computer Games
  • half-life.gamehelp.com
  • gamegenie.com
  • EtherLords
  • Gladius - Gladiatorial RPG
  • Age of Mythology
  • www.sorren.com - A friend here in KC has developed this elaborate online game (MUD)
  • Kansas City Activities
  • kansascitycomicon.com
  • All the rest
  • www.thinkgeek.com - If you have geek friends, you can buy them stuff here that they will like.
  • www.ancientsites.com - Online World

  • What is a geek? Geeks like computers, Star Trek, comic books, science fiction, fantasy fiction, computer games, video games, and Role Playing Games like Dungeons and Dragons. They also usually are more intelligent than the rest of the population, but make up for it with a lack of social skills. If you meet all these criteria, then you are a geek.