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Buying on the Internet is safe! As safe as using your credit card at a local store or over the phone anyway. Any time you purchase online, you should see a little padlock (probably yellow) on the status bar at the bottom of your browser. This indicates a secure site.
Most major retailers have web sites where you can buy stuff online. You can buy airline tickets, books, clothes, tools, food, toiletries, and much more on the net (and at good prices). The things to look for in your online vendor are price, reliability (are they a legitimate seller - or is this a scam), and will the item you purchased be what you expected (and what can you do if it is not?)
Personally, my online buying starts with bargain sites and auction sites. I also like the availability of speciality shops that may sell items I cannot find in the KC Metro area.

These sites actually search multiple other sites for the best price. Some day, we will do all of our shopping this way!

www.bestbookbuys.com - This site will show you the best price on a book by searching LOTS of book selling sites - *****
www.bizrate.com - Search for almost anything you want to buy - get the price listed from other sites - ****
www.carpoint.com - Search for your next car - ****

My favorite bargain sites

www.overstock.com - Buy discounted goods - **
www.half.com - Buy discounted goods - **

Auction Sites

www.ebay.com - #1 Auction site. Get a PayPal account - but make sure you by from reputable people!!! - ***
www.ubid.com - I like this site - most of the sellers are businesses, not individuals.
www.amazon.com - A good site for auctions as well as books and other products, ****
auctions.yahoo.com - Yahoo is probably second only to Ebay in Auction offerings. - **
www.kcbid.com - Just like Ebay - but mostly a Kansas City Metro audience.

Computer Buying

www.computers4sure.com - **
www.memory4less.com - They can find the memory you need for your model of PC - ***

Travel Buying - Airlines and more

www.expedia.com - You don't need anyone else to book your flights for you - ****
www.travelocity.com - You don't need anyone else to book your flights for you - ****
www.SouthWest.com - The above two sites don't cover Southwest Airlines - so I check them out separately - ***

Get the scoop before you buy

www.consumerreports.org - Consumer Reports - **
www.fatwallet.com www.pricegrabber.com www.mycoupons.com

Lots of stars at the end of the description mean I really like the site!