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Name :   katie olsen
Comment :   great site! i appreciate the great links - even your personal favorites! ive got you bookmarked.
Name :   Sarah Brady
Comment :   I am amazed ! You have everything. I added your site to my favorites
Name :   John Kraft
Comment :   I ran across your web site while looking for Kraft family history. Would love to hear from you and will try to contact you.
Name :   Stan Weddle
Comment :   Thanks for the great site! It is one of my favorite.
Name :   russ
Comment :   i have a new email address at work
Name :   Wanda Graham Larsen
Comment :   Hi Rob: Just found your site by accident when I was looking for Kraft roots. Im your great aunt Eileen (Kraft) Grahams daughter. Have you done any research on the Alsace side of the Kraft family? Email me if you can. Id love to hear if you have info on th
Name :   Nancy Trobisch
Comment :   Rob, Im joining my Hope House colleagues to say Wow! I was looking for art classes in KC and came across this site. Im impressed! See you at Jazz. Nancy
Name :   Kelly Howard
Comment :   Hi Rob...I was just doing an internet search and came across your website. I worked at Hope House until about two weeks ago and now Im at the KC Symphony, but Im remaining involved with HH as a volunteer. Great website...great links to KC events!
Name :   Emily Weaver
Comment :   Dear Mr. Kraft, I just happened to stumble on your sight. I absolutely love it, and it is very helpful to me at my job. I refer others to it all the time. Thanks so much for putting your time into this site, a site like this is needed in all towns so tha
Name :   Mary Ballard
Comment :   What a great site! Just happened to stumble upon it, glad I did - its bookmarked now! Thank you!!
Name :   
Comment :   I was just wondering if you were close to Candace. She was a classmate and co-worker of mine, and a very beautiful person inside and out. I wasnt close to her, but I wish that there was some way I could let her family know that although much time has pass
Name :   Jim Sanders
Comment :   My brother John put me onto your site. I enjoyed it very much. Would you also say hello to Aunt Faye for me.
Name :   John Sanders
Comment :   Came across this site while surfing the net. Im Gary and Warren Krafts cousin (their mother is my mothers sister), so I enjoyed the genealogy info. very much. Say hello to Aunt Faye for me. John Sanders
Name :   Leslie Schuenemeyer
Comment :   Rob- Your site is AMAZING! I had a few minutes to surf and zone out before I headed into a meeting, and Ive been meaning to check out your site since you sent me all your news! I cant wait to explore it even more. I continue to be impressed with your tal
Name :   Deneen Lewis
Comment :   Wow! I wish I would have done something like this website! Awesome! Good job and God bless!
Name :   Niki
Comment :   Just browsed in from another link I am an abuse survivor and advocate against Domestic Violence and more...One website is: Glad to see your site and will be back...thank you
Name :   Sarah White
Comment :   
Name :   Vickie Ellison
Comment :   Rob, I just think youre awesome. Your web page was a delight to read. You were so quiet when you were working with me at Hope House that I was so happy to read so much information about you. I just happened to be browsing for different local sites, and ca
Name :   Amy Spellman (Tibbetts)
Comment :   Greetings from one of the former SRO gang...Rachel told me about the website some time ago, and I just had some extra time to view it - great site! Hope all is well...
Name :   dante hawkins
Comment :   cool web site. I have made the modifications on my web
Name :   J. J. Wenrich
Comment :   Incredible website. Thanks for providing such a wonderful service to Kansas City.
Name :   Webmaestro
Comment :   Very nice website Rob. Please visit my website!!! :)
Name :   Jennifer Williams
Comment :   Daughter to Jeri Nelson, who is cousin of Lori Kraft...just wanted to say hello!
Name :   Rachel (Colby) Albright
Comment :   Hey Rob!! I found your page by accident while doing a search for Channel 41, and thought this cant be SRO Rob. Imagine my surprise!! Looks like things are going great for you. Tell Kelly I said Hi!!
Name :   Dale Veit
Comment :   I was checking out your website to see if there was anything exciting going on this weekend. I had some people call and wanted me to find them something to do this weekend.Okies, you know. Looks like you changed your site around a little, I like it.
Name :   Dick Kraft
Comment :   Any your family Kraft roots from Sweden? ANy of them been Glass BLowers? If so I have information.
Name :   Sandy Leaderbrand
Comment :   Rob- We have run into each other occassionally. I hope your remember who I am, I think you will. I just ran across this site and I am very impressed. I will pass it on as a great KC resource. I also liked your essay on DV, you are a great person Sandy
Name :   Mary Rivas
Comment :   I like the website Rob!!! J.Micheal told me about it!!
Name :   Dick Kraft
Comment :   Any your family roots from Sweden? Any of them been Glass BLowers by trade? If so I have information...
Name :   Sam Seeger
Comment :   Hi Rob. Just surfing the net and on a lark typed in Deerfield Kansas. I knew you when I lived there. We were separated by two years but I recognized your name. My name is Sam Seeger and I moved away from Deerfield in 1982. Just thought I'd say hi.
Name :   susie
Comment :   on tv, they said to come here to find scrapbooking info,didnt find any but found lots of other neat stuff
Name :   Ray Jagels
Comment :   Rob, This is pretty cool. I found your site by searching for my own name on How are you doing? We should get together soon. Maybe see a Royals game or something. See Ya!
Name :   Eric Shults
Comment :   This is pretty cool Rob. Its 1220 on Friday morning so the kids have not seen this. I think Halee will be excited.
Name :   Lynn
Comment :   Howdy! I would like to invite you to visit us at Net Buddies... A place where friends from all over the world can share and grow. But the children come first! We are completely against Child Pornography! Please help us protect
Name :   Chrissie Welch
Comment :   Hey Rob, great website. I saw what you're looking for in a chick & I guess I'm not her since I LOVE being the center of attention!! Oh well, I still love you & Nate!
Name :   Dennis Shults
Comment :   Kick butt website, and the photo is a nice touch! Glamour shots?
Name :   Francis Welch
Comment :   Great job. It looks good.
Name :   Will Cook
Comment :   Neat web page, Rob.
Name :   Julie
Comment :   
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