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Hacking Stuff
www.attrition.org -
List of default passwords -
www.securityparadigm.com - More passwords
packetstorm.securify.com -
www.2600.com -
www.hackz.com -
www.securityhaven.com - Tools for hacking and more
netsecurity.about.com hacker tools
www.hacker-tools.com - Hacker Tools
www.webattack.com - Hacker Tools
Modern Hacker's Desk Reference
www.hackingexposed.com - Hacking tools. (Iishack.exe, ncx.exe, lots more)
www.cotse.com/winnt.htm - Tools for hacking NT Server
Good Guys
www.dnsstuff.com - Online pings, tracerts, DNS Lookups, etc.
www.samspade.org - Online DNS lookups, trace routes, etc.
www.infosyssec.org - The Security Portal for Information System Security Professionals
isc.incidents.org - Internet Storm Center
Security Glossary - From Microsoft
www.pestpatrol.com Count of Number of Hacker Tools by Year
www.dorkslayers.com/orbs - See if your e-mail server is an open relay
www.cotse.com - Common protocols (ftp, http, etc.) that are used on the Internet
www.networkice.com/advice/Exploits/Ports/ - Common ports (21, 80, etc.) that are used on the Internet
www.zensecurity.co.uk - News and resources to protect your computers
www.phaster.com - Tools to track down hackers and find Inet info
www.spychecker.com - Links to Internet protection tools
www.stegoarchive.com - Hidden info in pictures

www.xmethods.com - Sites offering SOAP services!
www.freenetproject.org - Find files with Napster-like peer-to-peer service
www.gnutella.com - Find files with Napster-like peer-to-peer service
www.hubz.com - cheap Internet Messaging hosting If you are responsible for the computer network at your small business, especially if it is Internet connected, this site is a good start. You need a firewall, a router, virus protection, automated backups, and something like PestPatrol to find hidden nasties. Also you need spam blocking and ORBS testing.
www.securityfocus.com - Protect your NT Server
serverwatch.internet.com - Site has servers (ftp, http, etc.)
www.entmag.com - Online site for ENT magazine - Good NT Stuff

www.adtmag.com - Application Development Trends magazine web site
www.icca-kc.org - Independent Computer Consultants in the KC Metro area
www.brinkster.com - Code Bank, Web services search engine, Free Web Hosting - ASP and .Net!
www.togethersoft.com - Collaboration tools
Computer Garage in KC - Get $$$ for your old computer equipment thru consignment
RoadRunner HiSpeed Network Status
www.incredimail.comm - Fancy e-mail
Windows Media site
Radio stations on the web
www.zoomerang.com - Create your own web surveys for free.

IS and IT Support and more sites:
www.mvps.org - Many excellent sites by Microsoft MVPs.
www.labmice.net - Excellent Windows 2000, XP, and .Net Site
www.theeldergeek.com - Good Windows XP support site.
Index of MS Resource kits - Lots of good advanced stuff here

Java scripts:
JSMadeEasy.com - Good source for Java Scripts
Javascript-page.com - Java scripts
Javascript.internet.com - javascripts

Online education and training - and links to upcoming events:
Training for MS partners - Online tutorials - technical and marketing
Microsoft Webcasts
Microsoft Seminars Online
MS Training Seminars
MSDN Training Webcasts
MS Support Webcasts

Application Architecture:
App Arch from MSDN
How to write software rqmts
www.pdsa.com - Offers .Net Framework and education and services
www.sdbestpractices.com - Software development best practices
www.scrumalliance.org - SCRUM Software development techniques

Software Project Management:
AcceleraResearch - Tools, research reports, white papers
Baselinemag.com - Project Management center

VB and VB.Net sites:
www.mvps.org - VBNet Developers Resource - code library and more
www.elitevb.com - VB Articles and discussions
www.411asp.net - Excellent ASP.Net resource site
www.dotnetbips.com - Good site - sample code with good intro explanations
www.dotnetnuke.com - Microsoft Pattern and Template site - a good starting shell with lots of optional add-ons
List of all MS DLLs and versions
Infragistics Expense - Good .Net example for ideas - they have great .Net tools

Sites with resources for all programming languages and frameworks:
SourceForge.Net - shared software development
Computing.net - Good Support Site for IT and software
www.devguru.com - Great resource for web developers
www.faqts.com - Good repository of FAQs -especially software
www.oreillynet.com - Software resource - all languages

Misc Sites:
www.turosquid.com - 3d models
www.javaworld.com - java animation
www.softlookup.com - Find free software and $$$ software
PocketPCCity.com - Software
thefreeite.com - Free software site

AMRResearch.com - Software Development Research reports
Yankeegroup.com - Communications and Networking Research reports
Instat.com - Network communications research reports
SQL Server at DBAzine.com

Licensing for Microsoft Partners
Troubleshoot TCP/IP from Microsoft
Detailed Implementation of TCP/IP from Microsoft
Sentinel software licensing tools