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www.epinions.com - Consumers rate products - find out what they are saying before you buy.
www.ofoto.com - Great way to share photos
www.dyinet.com - Do It Yourself instructions
www.servicemagic.com - Find someone qualified to do it for you.
www.memepool.com - All sorts of weird stuff (only for warped minds) - **
www.digitalblasphemy.com - Cool Graphics site! - ***
www.honkworm.com - Business that has some odd animations to watch (hi-speed conn. needed).
www.freewebsites.com - Get a FREE web site here!
www.mapnp.org - training and dev resources
www.smarthome.com - Home Automation
www.eeggs.com orEggheaven - a list of Easter Egg is software, DVDs, and more.
www.kcscout.net - Some day this site will show the KC Traffic Live!
Economic game theory

Business Links
www.kcsmallbiz.com - Business news in KC
www.kcsmallbusinessclasses.net - Small business training in KC
www.biznet-kc.com - Respectable KC Businesses
www.greaterkcbusiness.com - Business news in KC
www.businessknowhow.com - Business Planning
www.bplans.com - Business Planning
www.rjsventures.com - Bob Sherwoods site
www.bbb.org - better business bureau
www.fastcompany.com - Web site of the excellent business magazine.
www.qualitybooks.co.uk - Books on quality improvement in business.
www.companymanuals.com - Books to help you run a company.
www.businesssolutionsmag.com POS Magazine