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  • I have a computer at home and an always-on high-speed connection. What should I be aware of?
    With a high-speed connection it is 99% certain that your PC will be probed by hackers and at least 50% likely that they will attempt to do some damage. If you are not concerned because you have no sensitive data, you should still be aware that hackers are VERY interested in ANY computer with a high speed connection exposed on the Internet. One thing hackers want is just hard disk space. If you have ample hard disk space they will use it to store illegal files such as porn, music, videos, and software packages and then let everyone else on the Internet know whey the illegal files can be downloaded from (your pc). They will also use your computer to install programs that are used to attack other sites on the Internet. Then, the FBI will track the hack attempts to your computer and your ISP will shut down your connection to the Internet.
  • You definitely need either a router or firewall software such as the FREE ZoneAlarm software from ZoneLabs.
  • You can get viruses through your Internet connection. You should consider buying and installing virus protection software such as Norton Antivirus, or McAfee.

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