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They have good ideas you can borrow - or software you can use.
www.swynk.com - Stephen Wynkoop's site - Excellent site for How To, free scripts, and MUCH more - *****
www.swynk.com/sysapps/sql.asp - Direct link to the SQL Server goodies - ****
www.microsoft.com/sql - The MS site has it all! - *****
msdn.microsoft.com -
www.sqlmag.com -
www.pinpub.com/sqlpro - Site offers sample code and articles
www.sqlpass.org -
www.sqlteam.com - Site hosted by KC Metro SQL Gurus
vyaskn.tripod.com - This guy has some good VB and SQL help and sample code/tools.
www.sqlteam.com - A SQL Server resource site - Bill Graziano�s site.
www.4guysfromrolla.com - Site with resources on SQL and other Microsoft Products.
SQL Injections examples � and how to prevent it:
www.extremeexperts.com/sql/articles/ListDBCCCommands.aspx - All the DBCC Commands in SQL Server

vyaskn.tripod.com/sqlsps.htm - A list showing the release number associated with each Service Pack of SQL Server.

Lots of stars at the end of the description mean I really like the site!