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  • Internet Security - Keep your OS and Servers up to date
    Center for Internet Security - Great free tools to help you analyze your servers
    Ecora Free Patch Software - Ecora offers free software to help you keep your server up to date on the latest security patches - Kudos to Ecora!
    Symantec Web Site - Great resource for virus information and cleanup

    www.windowsecurity.com - Windows Security Resources
    www.spidynamics.com - Offers WebInspect for inspecting web site security.
    www.sqlsecurity.com - Lots of free tools, checklists, articles, and links.
    www.securityfocus.com - Current news and alerts.
    www.securiteam.com - News and tools for every platform.
    www.itsecurity.com - News � The encyclopedia of Computer Security.
    Microsoft VPNs
    Microsoft info on Slammer Worm
    Microsoft SQL Server Security Tools
    Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
    Microsoft Securing SQL Server Help
    Computer Associates Virus Info
    www.dnsstuff.com � Online tracking tools � IP address lookups.
    www.arin.net - Lookup the owner of IP addresses.
    www.netsol.com � Lookup the owner of domains.
    GFI Scanner - Scan your network for vulnerabilities - free version.
    www.incidents.org - Provides global information about attacks on the Internet.
    www.dshield.org - Find out if your pc has been "cracked". - DShield provides a free platform for users of firewalls to share intrusion information.