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  • I have a computer at home and a dial-up connection. What should I be aware of?
    You need to select an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to provide you access to the Internet. The largest are AOL and MSN. The prices for numerous competitors are much less than for these two. AOL is probably the best for people that are very intimidated by computers because it simplifies a lot of the Internet, but it is the most expensive.
  • You need a modem. You may want to consider a separate phone line in the home because while you are online, that phone line is unavailable for voice phone calls.
  • You can still get viruses through your Internet connection. You should consider buying and installing virus protection software such as Norton Antivirus, or McAfee.
  • You can also get hacked through your Internet connection. You should consider obtaining a FREE firewall package such as ZoneAlarm from ZoneLabs.

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