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  • My office has computers and we want e-mail addresses for our business. What should I be aware of?
    You must first purchase a domain name for your business (such as robkraft.org). You can then either host your own e-mail server, or you can have another business host this service for you.
  • If you host your own e-mail server, you will need to open port 25 on your router to allow SMTP traffic to come in so you can send and receive e-mails. If you want your employees to check their e-mail at home through the web, you will either need a web interface to your e-mail server (port 80 on the router), or you will need an e-mail server that allows POP3 access (and open port 110 on the router).
  • If you have another business host it for you, they will probably allow you to have web access to the e-mail server, or you can have POP3 access.

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