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  • My office has two or more computers that we would like to have linked together. What should I be aware of?
    There are numerous ways to link the computers. The options worth considering are:
    1. Purchase a small hub (click here to learn how to choose a hub), two 100MB network cards (one for each computer), and two RJ45 CAT5 cables. Connect one end of each cable to the hub, and the other end of the cable to the network card (NIC) in the computer.
    2. Do NOT purchase a hub, instead, purchase two 100MB network cards (one for each computer), and a single RJ45 CAT5 Crossover cable. Simply run the crossover cable between the network card in the two computers. (This approach does not work well if you add a 3rd pc to the network.)
    3. Purchase a wireless router and two wireless network cards (one for each computer). This requires no physical cable, but has an increased security risk.
    Although you can now buy 1GB network cards, few users need that much bandwidth.
    In addition to connecting the computers, you need to consider how to back up data on each (or keep all the important data on just one). You also need to consider virus protection for each. Finally, make sure you only install software in accordance with license agreements.