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Where to Learn Skills
Tutorial web sites
Books and Mags
User Groups
Training businesses
On your own - own web site, volunteer, at work projects, etc.

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For those of you ready to learn on your own, you can find thousands of tutorials to teach you programming languages and concepts. Here are some good links

Web Site Setup - How to Set Up a Web Site
HowStuffWorks - a favorite site that explains EVERYTHING!
www.tutorialfind.com - Find tutorials on the web
RCC College of Technology - I Highly recommend their Internet tutorials!
www.evanetics.com/Articles/articles.htm - UML and RUP
Clockwatchers - Beginner's HTML Tutorial

Links to training sites

Transcender - Get sample tests and free samples for certication.

Web Development sites:
www.pagetutor.com -
www.w3schools.com -
www.htmlcook.com -
www.w3.org -
www.htmlhelp.com -
www.html-color-codes.com -
www.webmonkey.com -
www.htmlgoodies.com -
www.htmlcenter.com/tutorials/index.cfm -
www.overturedesigns.com/jimmyd -
www.echoecho.com/html.htm -
www.idocs.com/tags -
www.chami.com/tips/internet -
library.thinkquest.org/15074/htmlmain.html -
www.pageresource.com/html/index.html -
idm.internet.com/htmldhtml -
www.davesite.com/webstation/html -
www.htmlprimer.com - CSS thingys
www.css.nu -
www.blazonry.com/css -
www.freewebmastertips.com/php/content.php3?aid=48 -
www.westciv.com.au/style_master/academy/css_tutorial -
library.thinkquest.org/15074/cssmain.html -
idm.internet.com/articles/200101/csstutorial1a.html - downloadable tutorial/reference stuff thingy dodads:
www.htmlhelp.org/distribution -
www.trainingtools.com -
www.ncdesign.org - xsl: